A Roman candle is a type of firework that ejects one or more stars and exploding shells. These fireworks can cause over 400 injuries each year, and some of these injuries may result in personal injury lawsuits or assault charges. This article outlines the dangers of roman candle fireworks and how you can protect yourself from them.

Roman candles are a type of firework that ejects one or more stars or exploding shells

The most common type of Roman candle ejects one or more exploding shells. Despite their name, these fireworks are more dangerous than you might think. Once they are fired, they cannot be controlled. They become bullets and cause panic among people nearby. One such incident took place in Brooklyn, where a woman filmed herself firing a Roman candle in the middle of an intersection. As the sparks flew everywhere, crowds of people began running for cover. Sadly, the woman was only narrowly avoided by oncoming traffic. The video from Chicago also went viral, with countless people expressing their horror.

They can cause more than 400 injuries

The Roman candle is a firework made of flammable material that shoots a flaming ball. They come in different sizes and types, but most of them fire five or more balls at once. ThisĀ what happens if you get hit by a roman candle? flammable material can cause injuries to both people and property. If you’re planning to participate in a Roman candle war, you should make sure to follow the proper safety guidelines.

They can lead to assault charges

A Roman candle war in Chicago can result in assault charges. Police are bracing themselves for crowds of youths with mayhem on their minds. One video of a Roman candle war has been watched over one quarter of a million times. Two men were severely injured in the incident. Jeremy Brown, Brittany King and Maddix Keith Foss are suspects. They are accused of assault and using a weapon during the assault. Jeremy Brown is due in court on Thursday for a bond hearing.

They can lead to personal injury lawsuits

Firecrackers, roman candles, and bottle rockets are all considered legal fireworks. Although they might seem harmless, they can cause injuries. They burn at more than 2,000 degrees, which can melt certain metals and burn the skin and eyes of those who are injured. Roman candles are particularly dangerous because they eject multiple exploding shells from a tube.

They are illegal in Wichita

Fireworks and Roman candle wars are both illegal in Wichita. An incident on July 2 left a home destroyed in flames and several injured. Fire investigators are searching for the children responsible for starting the blaze. They could face charges and citations if they are caught. Fire officials say the fire may have started from one of the illegal fireworks that were lit on the front porch or in the attic. Survivors of the fire say they are grateful to be alive. Kandie Wakefield, a homeowner, had put her sweat equity into the property and she was thankful for the protection she had when the fire broke out.