A garage door opener is simply a motorized electric device that operates and opens garage doors remotely, usually controlled by simple switches on the garage wall. Most come with a small handheld radio transmitter carried by the user, which is used to activate and deactivate the door from quite a long distance. Once activated, the radio transmitter transfers power to the motor, activating it to raise or lower the door.

Garage Door opener

The main components of a garage door opener are: transmitter, receiver, control codes, trolley, and safety switch. The transmitter is mounted inside the garage near the rollers. Its job is to transmit signals to the receiver, which is installed on or near the ceiling of your garage. The receiver in most cases is controlled by a simple push button and a separate low voltage relays, which allow you to control the movement of the trolley in case there is no power.

There are three types of garage door opener technologies. These are: analog coded transmitter, digital code controlled transmitters, and power-assisted infrared transfer. You can operate all three types with a single transmitter but it is generally recommended that one type is pre-programmed before installation. This ensures a smooth transition from one technology to another and to prevent any accidental malfunctions.

The most common complaint about garage door openers is that they tend to malfunction after a certain span of time. This is mainly due to the wear and tear of the cables and the ease of cutting the cables with the use of a power knife. But if you take proper precautions and keep the door panel maintained properly, then this problem will not really be a problem for you. Simple things like cleaning the cut cables with soap and water will help in reducing the tendency of the system to malfunction. If your door works with a remote control then it will also help you to avoid cutting the power because remote controls make use of high frequencies.

While regular maintenance is very important, you must pay special attention towards the period between installation and the first actual use. During this time, regular lubrication of all moving parts of the garage doors will prevent the system from getting damaged. If the lubricant used does not have the right viscosity, then it might result in the opener jamming or making noises. It will also prevent dirt and grime from getting stuck into the mechanisms. Another factor that affects the performance of the garage doors is the state of the motor. The motor must be well oiled and it must also be kept clean at all times to avoid rust and other similar complications.

Sometimes, the chain drives get worn out and they require replacing. You will notice this situation if the chain gets damaged and if the door travels along a damaged section. You will have to find out whether the chain drive is damaged by rust or if it is damaged due to misuse. You should lubricate the chain drive regularly so that it can function properly. You must also check the connection of the drive chain and the spring. The spring should be properly aligned so that the garage door opener functions smoothly.