Family Child Care Association

The Parenting Council of the APA is an international organization dedicated to improving the lives of all children, while building an understanding of the family system and the need for child care. Child care is a growing segment of the child welfare industry and is expected to experience explosive growth over the next few years. As the nation’s second largest child welfare organization, the APA has been a leader in the development of child care policies and practices that ensure quality child care, develop and support child development, and provide effective preventive services to families in need. The APA has also been a leading advocate for family-centered care and the improvement of the nation’s child welfare system. The organization publishes a multitude of professional journals, produces the APA’s newsletter Family Therapy Report, and serves on the board of directors of the Family Services International.

The Parenting Council of the APA is pleased to announce the addition of a new Board of Directors. Dr. Mary Schmader, Ph.D. will be the first Board of Directors appointed. She has served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine, as a professor in the developmental disabilities field at Case Western Reserve University, and has been serving on the executive staff of the Family Services International. Dr. Schmader will be working very hard to ensure that the Parenting Council continues to grow and expand the effectiveness of its programs and services for family child care association members, their families and the Early Childhood Intervention Team (ECIT).

Dr. Schmader will be working with the Director of Family Services and the Director of Education and Public Health to expand upon the successful two-year-old implementation of the Family Child Care Association’s two-year-old Early Childhood Intervention/English Speaking Program. This program has met with overwhelming success. This is the first ever community-based child care initiative that brings qualified professionals together to work together in a common cause. This unique and successful collaboration between Early Childhood Intervention/English Speaking and the Parenting Council of the APA was achieved through the shared vision and effort of its members. In the past, members have worked diligently to ensure the accreditation of the Family Child Care Association’s programs. Now the task has been handed down to the newly formed Parenting Council to ensure that this important partner for the families of tomorrow receives all the oversight it needs to function successfully.

The Parenting Council’s mission is to empower families and work with responsible, early childhood care providers to strengthen relationships between families and providers, while promoting early childhood education and training throughout the community. These are the important components for healthy childhood development. The Parenting Council works closely with the entire community to advocate for these important issues. They work with school-age children, focusing on the critical need for summer learning and early childhood development programs that are provided to children who would otherwise not be able to attend regular school hours.

The next phase of the Parenting Council will be working with the public to inform individuals and organizations of the organization’s vision and mission. They will then work with the public and private sectors to help create new and innovative early childhood education programs and services that can positively impact our nation’s future. Programs such as Family Child Care Assistance (FCAC) will provide a community-based, integrated system for helping family child care providers administer quality care and reduce the risk of abuse, neglect, and risk to the children who rely on their services. A pilot project for the F ACE project was recently awarded by the Federal Special Children’s Office.

One of the benefits of the new F ACE program is the opportunity to apply for the expansion incentive. Once you join the F ACE, your area coordinator will help you find the appropriate reimbursement. To learn more about how you can become an F ACE member and what you can expect from this community-based child care program, please visit their website today. We hope that you’ll be inspired by the mission and services they offer to families in need.