Brescia University offers a variety of psychology courses. The program emphasizes both scientific and applied psychology. Students learn how to analyze and interpret published research, and apply the scientific method to mental processes. They also develop a strong academic network, which they can leverage for a career outside of Brescia.

This program is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of human behavior, the brain, and emotions. In addition to completing a comprehensive set of courses, students will engage in a number of clinical experiences. Depending on the course, students may focus on behavioral health, cognitive rehabilitation, or forensic psychology. These courses cover the structure of the human nervous system, the effects of brain damage on behavior, and various theoretical approaches to counseling.

A bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brescia is a great way to start a career in the field. You will be able to choose a specialization and conduct independent research. During your coursework, you will also work with a faculty mentor to write up a research project. If you choose to complete a thesis, you will be able to work on a project throughout your final year.

Students will also learn about theĀ history of psychology, including the influence of psychoanalysis, humanistic, and experimental psychology. They will gain insight into the origins of psychology and its many schools. They will also explore the role of women in psychological inquiry.

Students will also explore issues related to psychiatry, psychopharmacology, and environmental psychology. Students will also take courses relating to cognitive rehabilitation, sports psychology, and the psychology of religion.

As part of the program, students will be able to enroll in classes online. There is a small student-to-teacher ratio, and Brescia staff members are committed to making students feel empowered. Other benefits include dental insurance and health insurance. Students can also receive state financial aid.

In addition to providing a foundation for a career in psychology, the associate’s program will help students build a solid foundation in other liberal arts subjects. Students will also be able to explore the human brain and nervous system, and learn about intervention strategies and cultural relevance.

As an online degree, the online Associate of Science in Psychology is a great way to gain a foundation in the subject and to prepare for a career in psychology. It can also lead to an online bachelor’s degree.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology online program at Brescia provides a strong foundation for multiple career paths. Graduates are able to pursue advanced studies in psychology or apply for a wide variety of health care professions.

The Psychology department at Brescia is a growing program that is quickly attracting more students. The department is committed to lifelong learning and encourages students to adapt to change. Students can also get involved in the Brescia Psychology Association.

Brescia students are also encouraged to work on research projects, and are able to collect data for these projects. By working with a professor on a research project, students will also learn about conducting research and using an experimental design.