Double hoop earrings are a fun and versatile way to add a little flare to your earring collection. These dainty hoops are crafted in 925 sterling silver, dipped in rhodium and topped off with a cluster of faceted cubic zirconia to catch the eye.

The best part about these earrings is that they are not only oh so cute, but super lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours on end. They are also backed by our no-fuss returns policy if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.

The Best Earrings to Own

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to adorn your ears, look no further than these beauties. They are made of sterling silver with a shiny rhodium coating for extra shine and durability, making them perfect for all your everyday wear needs.

The Most Magnificent Ring-Mole-Mote-Mirror-Mess – the One That is Most Likely to Occur Somewhere in Your Life

This is an utterly impressive and oh so cool piece of jewelry that will definitely be a conversation starter. They’re a modern day classic that will stand the test of time and make for the perfect gift for someone special in your life.

The Most Magnificent Ring-Mole-Mote-Mirror-Mess

This might be the most impressive piece of jewellery faux double hoop earrings that we have ever made – it is the most elegant and beautiful ring we’ve created to date. It’s made from 925 sterling silver, and is dipped in rhodium for added shine and durability. It’s the largest ring that we’ve ever manufactured and it is sure to impress.

The Most Magnificent Ring-Mole-Mote-Mirror-Mess

These aren’t just the most magnificent ring we’ve ever designed, they’re also the most functional. They’re a good fit for any ear piercing and they are lightweight so you won’t feel them on your sensitive skin. They are also the most comfortable piece of jewellery that we’ve created, so you’ll be wearing them for years to come!

The Best Double Hoop Earrings to Own

These are the most stunning and dazzling double hoop earrings we’ve ever created. They are made from 925 sterling silver with a layer of rhodium for extra shine and durability, making them perfect to wear all day long or night on the town.

These large double hoops are made with two round silver wires that are linked together. They feature a secure push-back closure. This style is available in your choice of 14k gold filled, sterling silver or rose gold fill (solid gold for those with sensitive ears).

The size of these hoops are 6mm wide and designed to hug the bottom of your ear lobes, so they’re not really big enough for thicker ear lobes or piercings that are more than 7mm from the edge of your ear. They’re also a little more difficult to bend than our normal size hoops, so we’d recommend that you don’t try to bend them.

These cz chain double hoop earrings are embellished with dainty cubic zirconia and are crafted from 925 sterling silver dipped in rhodium for extra shine and durability. The cz clusters catch the light beautifully and look beautiful with every outfit! You’ll love wearing these hoops alone or stacked with other earring styles for a more textured and playful look. This pair of hoops are a great gift for the hoop lover in your life!