Alpharetta Commerce Group

The Alpharetta Commerce Group learn more is an exclusive real estate brokerage firm that has been established by Bill Baldwin. It is one of the more prominent members of the REITs that are in the Atlanta Georgia area. This company specializes in luxury real estate and has various offices across the metropolitan area.

Bill Baldwin founded the company in 1979 with the acquisition of a real estate portfolio through acquisitions. Over time, they have grown to become one of the best Atlanta based firms in the field of luxury real estate. They maintain a strong commitment to community development and living in areas where the surrounding area suffers from many challenges. They have also made a specialty in providing opportunities for employment in urban and country areas. This company also strives to retain strong local residents in their communities.

The group primarily serves the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta. Though they do have properties available in other areas such as Johns Creek, West Central, Buckhead, and more, they are primarily concentrated in the areas around Atlanta. They have several luxury properties that are located in the heart of the city such as the coveted River Oaks condominium in Buckhead, the Peachtree Place in West Central, and the premier properties at the affluent Mayfair-ilesters in the heart of West Central. These properties are managed by custodial agents and/or brokers who are associated with the REIT.

In the last few years, they have diversified into other areas as well. They now have properties in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Florida. They also have a brokerage in Los Angeles. Though they have various branches and offices throughout the United States, the majority of their attention is on the Atlanta area due to the highly competitive real estate market there.

In terms of their products, they primarily focus on luxury real estate. They have a number of high-end properties that they sell and lease to buyers at market value. Many of these properties have been owned by the company for many years. Their goal is to provide their customers with the most highly sought after properties in the market. They try to maintain a consistent level of quality and maintain good relationships with the custodians of their properties.

One can get some idea of the variety of properties that this company has by looking at their website. It has a comprehensive list of all of their properties that are either owned by them or are under contract. It also has a list of their newest offerings. Browse through the sites to get an idea of the variety of properties they have available. They also provide a Frequently Asked Questions section that answers common questions about their real estate offerings.