Throughout the years, artists have used legends and myths as inspiration. They have given them visual form. These works can be classified into several different categories. Some artists use them to comment on important events, while others have created their own cast of characters. These stories can be found in ancient mythologies, medieval literature, and in every culture.

Many of the most famous artists of our time have incorporated myths and legends into their work. These pieces can be found in both classical and modernist styles. The Pre-Raphaelites turned to medieval art for their subject matter, while others have created their own legends.

Anselm Kiefer has used legends to critique important events. He has depicted the Furies, fearsome creatures from Greek mythology, in his paintings. He has also used the myth of the Twelve Labours of Heracles, which involves Heracles killing nine-headed monsters. He has even explored dark folk tales in gory detail. A glowing fire in a painting suggests that Kiefer hopes for regeneration.

Another artist, Paul Gauguin, was inspired by Polynesian and French mythology. He wanted to escape modern life in Europe and move to a simpler culture. He was a self-taught artist. He painted twisted monster-like forms. He was featured in a group show in 1980. His art was sold for years. He was considered a major contemporary artist.

The Pre-Raphaelites were influenced by the medieval literature they read. They were also fascinated by the life of medieval times. They often re-imagined myths and legends to comment on their own time.

Other artists who have incorporated legends and myths into their work include: Alan Davie, who has developed an abstract art style; Parviz Tanavoli, who is Iranian and celebrates Persian myths; and Shepard Fairey, who has chosen stars of the underground movement. These artists have all produced astonishing art.

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Other artists who have used legends and myths in their work include: Jean-Michel Basquiat, who first gained fame by selling his graffiti artwork. He also collaborated with Andy Warhol in 1980.