A tree service technician essentially holds various jobs, all related to the care and upkeep of trees. They can be employed by a commercial landscaping company, the local government, or individual garden care businesses. They handle issues related to tree disease, pests, repairing broken branches, finding insect infestations or other plant diseases, and applying pesticides or herbicides. They can also perform other services, such as removing diseased limbs or making sure that a tree’s stump is not used for another purpose. They are also responsible for properly disposing of dead leaves and branches and removing hazardous tree debris.

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Tree care technicians also work on tree removal projects, especially those that involve hauling away a large tree stump. Tree removal services include hauling away dead branches and uprooting larger ones, while tree services involve working with owners to remove their large tree limbs to clear a sidewalk, street, or area that is affected by tree limbs falling onto it. Some people have their yards treated professionally by hiring a tree service to perform spring cleaning or tree felling and pruning. For example, if a yard has many pine trees, it might make sense to hire a tree service to come in and thin out the trees, prune them, and remove any diseased or broken branches so that they do not cause injury or create an unsafe condition for others.

The majority of tree services offer some type of after-hour emergency tree trimming service, usually for larger trees. If you are unsure of what a tree service is capable of, you should ask how many workers are available to take care of your trees on an emergency basis. If the number is too small, you may want to search for a professional tree service that is more than happy to take care of such a large task on a regular basis. You will be able to trust that your trees will be taken care of when you need them most.

Professional tree service companies will often use cutting and pruning tools that are designed specifically for large limbs or branches that are extremely thick or have thorns. When a tree service uses these types of tools, the safety of the employees who work for the business is of the utmost importance to you. The best way to ensure that your employees and customers are safe when removing thick branches or taking down a tree stump is to only employ people who are certified in the use of these specific tools. When you are in a contract with a tree service, you will be given the opportunity to review certification applications and request the tools that you want to see used on your job site. This will help to ensure that only the best people are hired to perform tree trimming and removal jobs.

Another way to ensure that you get the most out of your tree service is to have your trees inspected by a certified arborist once each year. Tree planting companies know that some areas of the country are more susceptible to extreme weather than others. Having your trees evaluated by an arborist once each year can help to identify weak areas that could be dangerous if touched by low level wind, strong winds or high level snow for a long period of time.

When you hire the right tree service company to help you with your tree risk assessment, you can rest assured knowing that the job will be completed professionally and in a timely manner. Thorough inspections and analysis of your trees are an important step in protecting them from the damage that can be caused by bad weather, ice storms and high winds. When you contract with the right tree service company, you can feel comfortable that they have your interests at heart and are going to do everything possible to protect your trees and ensure that they remain strong and healthy. It’s important to remember that insurance policies don’t cover anything associated with tree fall or damage so you should make sure that your insurance policies include inspections and evaluations by qualified arborists.