Absinthe, the mysterious green liqueur, is a popular drink for many people. It has a high alcohol content, and it has been reputed to have hallucinogenic effects. Luckily, absinthe is not poisonous, and it is safe to enjoy if you know how to do it correctly. However, it is important to keep in mind that you can’t just throw it in a cocktail. You’ll need special glassware and paraphernalia, too.

Absinthe is a unique spirit that is distilled from botanicals, which include wormwood and other herbs. These herbs give the drink its signature licorice flavor. There are also other spices, such as angelica, and sweet fennel. The flavor is extracted by macerating the ingredients for a few days.

In the late 19th century, the drink was popular with artists and writers like Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, and Ernest Hemingway. But it was banned in the US for almost a century, and it was even illegal in parts of Europe. This was due to a theory that wormwood in absinthe causes hallucinations.

Fortunately, the theory has since been debunked. Today, absinthe is legal to buy in the United States. As long as you purchase an absinthe that has no preservatives or artificial coloring, you can safely enjoy it. Abstain from the cheap brands, as these are made with copper sulfate or antimony trichloride.

Two James Spirits is a Detroit-based distillery that produces absinthes in a traditional fashion. The company uses locally-sourced agricultural products and environmentally conscious techniques to make absinthe. They’ve recently launched Absinthe du Nain Rouge, a 120 proof version of the classic spirit. For those who want a traditional experience, you can visit the distillery’s tasting room in Corktown.

Absinthe was banned in the US for nearly a century, but now it is re-emerging. In 2007, theĀ detroit absinthe drink was legalized in the US. With this, you can now legally buy a variety of absinthes and other spirits. Most absinthes are labelled as a 90 to 170 proof, with some even containing up to 85% alcohol. If you’re looking to try it, you’ll need to get your hands on some of the best-quality absinthes.

Absinthe is typically enjoyed by combining it with sugar and water. To do this, you’ll need to get a special slotted spoon. Ideally, you’ll place the sugar cube on top of the spoon. Once it’s placed on the spoon, you’ll then pour iced water over it. When the ice melts, the resulting water will dilute the absinthe.

The flavors of absinthe vary with its alcohol content. The smoky and bitter flavors are from wormwood, while the more vegetative flavors are from fennel. French absinthes are more intense, and they are brewed for a longer period of time.

Another popular way to enjoy absinthe is in a cocktail. A Sazerac is a blend of old-world absinthe and new-world rye whiskey. You don’t need to add chrysanthemum petals to this mixture, however. Instead, you’ll simply film the inside of a glass with the absinthe, and then you’ll pour the rest of the cocktail over the rim.