Tourists from all over the world come to Istanbul’s most popular destination, Cappadocia in order to experience Turkey’s famous Mustafa Center. This amazing place has always been a major draw for travelers and locals alike. The heady blend of spices and exotic plants have long been the center of attraction. The garden is a work of nature with trees that spread over five acres of land. This is a testament to the wealth of this particular area’s flora and fauna. Travelers fly in from far off places to visit Mustafa Center and take in the magical scenes of its gardens and fountains.

cappadocia from istanbul

If you are a traveler who wants to experience Turkey’s greatest art form, the finest tours in Turkey can be arranged for you in Cappadocia. In this region of Turkey, a number of tour companies offer various types of guided tours for vacationers. These include camping trips, walking tours, and car-travel packages. These tours are particularly popular during the summer when the lush landscape of this region is at its height. The best part about booking such a tour package is that it makes your trip hassle free and gives you all the time you need to enjoy your trip.

Turkey’s tourism chief, Fatma Ghanem, has been visiting the wonderful views of the Istanbul’s landscape since the day she was given her Turkish citizenship. It was then that Fatma made the decision to explore the region herself. She took the necessary steps in securing a suitable flight tickets for her journey and also booked a hotel where she would be staying before her trip began. In order to discover the best way to see Mustafa Center, Fatma spoke with some of the local tour operators who were also on her flight.

After consulting with the experts, Fatma chose three of the best tours that could take her to Mustafa Center. The first tour she chose was composed of a three day drive around the outskirts of Istanbul. This tour offered a relaxed atmosphere and even provided accommodation in five star hotels. Although the itinerary provided for this tour did not contain any pinpointing of the archaeological sites of Cappadocia, most people travelling to Mustafa in this region have a general idea of what they are looking at. The beautiful scenery depicted in the photos included on the website of the hotel included in the tour itinerary was enough to provide the tourist with a delightful vacation.

The next itinerary for Fatma Ghanem’s trip to Istanbul and her preferred destination, Mustafa, featured two separate but interconnected parts. For one day, she decided to visit the famous taksim beach which is located in the Rize Palace in Kovesoll. Despite being one of the most photographed beaches in the world, this particular beach did not feature in many of Ghanem’s photo shoots, despite the fact that she was accompanied by her then-husband, Emayani Akinci. Regardless of the fact that the couple was not formally married to each other at the time, they were seen together on several occasions, mostly during breakfast and lunch.

After her long drive through the Kaysim Beach area, she and Akinci decided to hop onto a small bus known as the havabus, which was driven by a friend of Akinci named Mustafa Aksam. The havabus was supposed to drop them off at the famous Mustafa Centers located just a few kilometres from the beach. However, instead of reaching the beach, the havabus stopped in a small village of Pohorje, where Ghanem met up with Akinci, who was staying with his cousin. The two enjoyed coffee, meals, and the conversation, during which Akinci spoke about his experience travelling to the Asian side of Istanbul, and how he had fallen in love with the place during his trip.