Backyard Boxes provide great looking, strong, sturdy garden beds delivered fully constructed and ready for planting to you. These innovative constructions are available in a variety of sizes suitable for most gardens regardless of how large or small they may be. Free delivery on all orders over August 16th (including your Hometown Values Coupon of course! ), applies to the continental USA. You will receive your new backyard storage structure within 3 business days of placing your order.

Backyard Boxes

Raised Beds with their strong built in support system and heavy duty design are designed for years of trouble free storage. Most backyard boxes come with various convenient features including overhead and under bed lockable compartments, slide out trays for easy access to your tools, and wire frame for added strength. These backyard storage spaces keep your tools, patio furniture, and other yard items out of the weather, where they belong. This protects from damage to your outdoor living spaces.

Backyard Boxes provide gardeners with many great features and benefits. They provide gardeners with beautiful and practical garden accessories that allow you to create an eye catching enclosed area to work and grow your crops in comfort and style. Backyard boxes are also ideal for entertaining at your home or office. With their lightweight design and durable construction, Backyard Boxes provide gardeners with many years of dependable service and enjoyment. Your Backyard Boxes will ensure that you have plenty of room for all of your summer and winter activities.

Backyard boxes with their versatile designs and wide availability make Backyard Boxes an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in creating an elegant space to grow and work in. Backyard Boxes are available in a variety of materials, styles, and colors that enable gardeners to find one that fits their personal style and budget. Ornamental metal frames are one example of a lightweight yet strong and functional material that is sure to please your tastes and preferences. Other Backyard Boxes materials include natural stone or wooden frames that are sure to blend in nicely with most landscaping designs.

Garden enthusiasts, professional landscapers, and landscape designers know that a Backyard Box plays a big role in transforming their backyards into visually attractive and usable outdoor spaces. These specially made garden structures can be customized to fit most standard measurements and can come in several different sizes to meet your particular gardening needs. When choosing your Backyard Box, you will want to carefully measure the dimensions of your backyard space including: front, back, and side walkways. The number of entries into your Backyard Boxes will depend on the number of garden containers you plan on placing inside the box.

There are several different types of Backyard Boxes available to meet your unique garden design needs. Most Backyard Boxes available for sale feature convenient and efficient design features such as: built-in storage, hanging baskets, and raised bed gardening. A raised bed box allows gardeners to create an efficient workable planting area where multiple small gardens can be arranged. These versatile boxes can be designed to accommodate many hardy plants ranging from tomato plants to grape vines.

If you are looking for an extra tall box that will support larger plants you might want to consider the popular Butterfly Box. This product comes with a sloped front that allows you to have an extra tall plant or climbing vine suspended from the rafters. Another useful feature of this product is its ability to expand thanks to removable shelves. And because it is made from heavy gauge steel it is able to withstand years of wear and tear. When choosing a Backyard Box you will want to consider how many plants you plan on placing in the box so you will be able to determine the size that will best fit your garden.

Most Backyard Boxes available for purchase have an adjustable top or lid. Many are available in a wide array of colors and have the standard dimensions of a standard 2 w x 8 l x 16 h rectangular box. If you are interested in more custom options than most standard sizes have you can find a wide assortment of exterior fabrics such as Weathermax, canvas, and polyethylene. These types of exterior fabrics will protect your plants from inclement weather.